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Compare Bicycle Insurance

Cycling and, thus, bicycle Insurance has become big business and there are now a large number of bicycle insurance providers in the market. We have exclusive Bicycle Insurance Discount Codes from time to time to help save you money. Simply enter the Cycle Insurance Promotional Code on the advertisers website at the time of purchase. Not every bicycle insurer features on this site, we have developed our results to help your search.

Where permitted, we have included independent customer bicycle insurance review ratings for the cycle insurance advertised on These ratings are calculated by independent review companies, such as feefo, Trust Pilot and YOTPO. Usually after purchase and, sometimes, after a claim the customer is asked to review the Bicycle Insurance and from these reviews the independent review companies are able to provide a ‘Star Rating’. This and the ability to select the benefits that are important to you should help with your search for the right bicycle insurance.

Amongst other benefits, we have included monthly premiums, excesses, bicycle event (race) cover, Electric bicycles and family insurance to help you with your search. Some of the policies arrange insurance for Professional cyclists (visit individual sites for details, these tend to be the policies with a higher 'Maximum Cover' limit).

We also feel that transparency is important:

  • Can you find their Policy Wording easily on the website?
  • Are their contact details visible?
  • Are their details about their FCA authorisation easily found?
  • Do they have independent reviews?

Something else worth considering is who is the policy underwritten by? Most of the bicycle insurance policies are underwritten by large insurance underwriters, in other words you are buying insurance via an ‘Intermediary’. They are sometimes small specialist intermediaries, but this shouldn’t be an area for concern as should they run into any difficulty your business is with the underwriter. You should also ensure that the policy that you are purchasing is protected by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme. Both of these pieces of information should be found in the Policy Wording.

Many of the bicycle insurance providers have built more ‘modular’ products allowing you to pick and choose your benefits, whilst some have maintained a ‘one-size fits all’ approach. In our opinion, neither is necessarily right as it is down to your personal preference. There is still a market for package holidays, but there is also a large market for ‘Do it yourself’ holidays. Cheap flights from companies such as easyJet and Ryanair have capitalised on this trend.

The sceptical person might suggest that the advantage with modular insurance is that you can advertise insurance ‘from only £1.99 per month’ and when you add on the additional benefits it might not be that much cheaper than a packaged product. Another sceptical person could look at a less-modular insurance and say that you shouldn’t pay for benefits that you don’t need. The solution is to find the provider with the benefits that you are looking for at the best possible price... but, also make sure that it is a company that has a good reputation.

If you have a query about any of the bicycle insurance providers found on our site, we cannot answer specific questions. Please review their site for an answer and/or drop them a line.

We are a business and in line with our Terms & Conditions we may receive a commission from the provider if you purchase after visiting our site.

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