Japanese Import Car Insurance

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Japanese Import Insurance

Japanese Car insurance is not usually found ‘off-the-shelf’ as it is a niche area of insurance. There are a number of reasons for this which you may not have realised this when you purchased the vehicle. For example, parts may need shipping and they are therefore unlikely to be as cheap as those available for a UK manufactured car. Therefore, the cost of the claim is likely to be more for the insurer. To make the car compliant with UK legislation the vehicle may have had modifications, some insurers instantly decline modified vehicles.

So, if you took the plunge and bought yourself a high-performance Japanese Import Car which isn’t ordinarily available to the UK market and are struggling to find insurance, we have a panel of specialist insurance intermediaries that we hope can help.

We have long-established and trusted relationships Insurance Intermediaries that know and understand the Japanese Car Import insurance market and your requirements. When you complete our one form, you know that your quote request will be submitted to a panel of up to 6 specialist insurance intermediaries and your quotes will be prepared by knowledgeable persons operating within this area of insurance.

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