French Import Car Insurance

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French Import Car Insurance

As the population of Europe has become increasingly transient it is not unusual to meet someone who has lived in many locations around the Continent. With EU Freedom of Movement laws, European Citizens can move around as they please. So, if you are planning only a short stay within in the UK or, perhaps, uncertain how long you are going to stay you may have decided to retain your left-hand drive French car and brought this over to the UK and now need to insure your car with a UK insurer.

As you may have already found, many insurance companies won’t consider left-hand drive French import cars or they have purposefully priced themselves out of the market.

Fortunately, we have established and trusted relationships with Insurance Intermediaries that know and understand your needs. By completing our one French Import car insurance form, you know that your quote request will be considered by a panel of up to 6 insurance intermediaries and your quotes will be prepared by dedicated professionals who understand the market.

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