Convicted Driver Insurance

Are you looking for Car Insurance and have been convicted of any driving offence? We have a specialist panel of brokers who may be able to help you. Just fill in our simple form and let us do the hard work!

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Convicted Driver Insurance

Police Chiefs have been caught speeding, stealth cameras on the M25 and stories of obscured mobile Police speed camera vans are regularly in the press. Whilst we cannot condone motoring offences, we understand the chances of being convicted are an increasing risk.

After the penalty points (endorsements) have been added to your licence and the fine has been paid you are then hit with additional insurance costs. The insurance company perceives you as a greater risk and this is reflected in your premium. Clearly not all motoring convictions are the same, some endorsements last for 4 years whilst others up to 11 years.

Our panel of insurance intermediaries have been arranging Convicted Driver Motor Insurance for years and are highly experienced in their field. Some insurance, according to the offence, may be easier to arrange than others. We cannot always guarantee that you will receive a quote. You will however be safe in the knowledge that your information is secure and kept confidential at all times, our service is free and if a quote can be arranged by any of our panel they will contact you.

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