About Quoote

What makes Quoote different?

Quoote is a free to use service provided by Interweb Media Limited, a company that focuses on insurance and was first founded in 1999.

We receive fees from the providers we work with and we are remunerated for every quote or policy sold that our Financial Conduct Authority (‘FCA’) authorised and regulated Providers are able to offer. We do not use your data for any purpose other than trying to find you a selection of quotes for the cover that you have selected, or send you an annual reminder and related news (if you have not opted-out). Search engines, such as Google, are also a free to use service and they work differently as they receive a fee every time one of their adverts are clicked. Within reason, anyone can advertise on a Search Engine. Search engines also have ‘organic’ results and the search engine does not receive a fee for such results.

Why use Quoote?

A search engine is reliant on you searching the right keywords, such as ‘Competitive Horsebox Insurance’. Then, after being presented with page after page of results, you need to decide; which sites to visit, which sites to trust and how many forms you want to complete to get a selection of quotes to compare. We offer something different:

On-site form requesting up to 6 quotes

We have carefully selected members of our panel, you simply; select the insurance you want, complete the form, we forward your information to our FCA authorised and Regulated Providers and they will get in touch with their quotes (as responsible regulated firms they may want to double-check the accuracy of the information that you have provided or ask additional questions).

Comparison Tables

We compare some of the leading providers on our site, but not all of them. You should always do your own research, as with anything, before making a purchase. Our comparison includes independent customer review ratings when we have been given permission to display these and our benefit option selectors allows you to narrow your search.

Partner Sites

We may ask your permission to take you to a partner’s website as they are specialist intermediaries who have a wealth of knowledge in their field. We have given them our permission to use our branding in these circumstances, but the URL will no longer be ‘www.quoote.com’.

NOTE: For a full description of how any quotes are obtained after visiting our site please review our Terms & Conditions.

Do I need to know anything else?

As with any website or any other service, it is important that you read and understand our Terms & Conditions, our Privacy Policy and all other sub-headers at the foot of this page under the heading ‘Quoote IMPORTANT INFORMATION’. There is nothing about our service that we do not want to share with you. It is important to understand that the quotes that you receive do not constitute financial advice, always compare the quotes to ensure that the cover meets your specific circumstances and ask our Providers or any other Providers questions before buying – leave nothing in doubt.